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Tony the Phony and the Northern Woods

Today we are announcing a very special event, the publication of T. Man’s latest homeschool writing project, Tony the Phony and the Northern Woods. It’s the second book in the Tony the Phony series. This time, however, M. Man, co-author of the first book, Tony the Phony and Cursed Mansion, chose not to participate, so T. Man went solo (with a little guidance from Mom). Both books are available on Amazon for just .99.

Tony the PhonyHowever, T. Man wanted to share the new release with his blog audience in its entirety. It’s another choose-your-own story, so we’ve inlisted the help of some of the Emblazon authors, who have been kind enough to host the various segments on their personal blogs. (In addition, This Kid Erik hosted a short interview with T. Man.) Start reading below, and at the end of the page, YOU have to make a choice and decide how the next part of the story will go. Each choice will take you to a different blog where you’ll make another choice. There are four possible endings. When you’re done, come on back and choose a new story route!

Have fun…and choose wisely!


Tony the Phony and the Northern Woods

by T. Man

Northern Woods Kindle insert“I can’t wait to get to your Grandpa’s and go fishing,” said Ed.

“I’m glad we got away. My mom almost caught us,” said Tony.

“Remember how much trouble we got in last year when we sneaked out of your house to go to Cursed Mansion? Your mom was as mad as a wildcat!”

“My mom will never know we’re gone. She thinks we’re at your house, and she’ll be away all weekend.”

“But we’ll be in Canada having a great time!” Ed laughed.

They biked to the airport where they each gave the pilot all the money they’d saved from their allowances for months and climbed in the tiny plane.

When they were in the air for an hour, the plane suddenly dipped. The pilot was slumped over. Ed began to panic.

“Ed, calm down,” said Tony.

“I can’t calm down when the plane is going down,” said Ed. “We’re at five thousand feet….three thousand feet…”

Bam! The plane crashed in a forest.

“Where are we?” asked Tony.

Ed peeked out the window. “Well, we haven’t crossed Lake Superior yet. I think we’re in Michigan’s upper peninsula.”

“Can you see any houses?” asked Tony.

“No, what should we do now?”

“I don’t know. Should we stay with the pilot or go for help?” Tony asked.

Click here to stay with the pilot. Click here to go get help.


Ducktails By Jannette Oke

This book is about a duck named Quackery. He was the smallest and weakest of his family. But he tried all he could to be likn100837e his brother Zackery. This book takes plays on a farm in a pond. The book has 20 chapters and 133 pages.

The story begins when Quackery comes out of his egg. He has to stay with his brother Zackery at all times. But he doesn’t he goes ahead. And gose places he should not. Quackery has to take lessons with his brothers and sisters. He was trying to be the best. He would swim as fast as he could he would dive as deep as he could.  One day the farmer’s dog came running after me but he got called back by his master. When winter passed and spring came Quackery grew big and had to leave his mom but Quackery started his family and had his first kid. He learned how much he tried to not be himself. He was always going to be himself.Ducktails


This book is the third one of five. This book is 473 pages long and 24 chapters. The main characters are Kendra and Seth.

This book is about a secret preserve. Someone is trying to destroy Fablehaven, a secret preserve that has fairies and magical creatures, and steal all five artifacts, the keys to the demon prison. Fablehaven housed an artifact. But they could not find a second artifact (the Chronometer) at Lost Mesa, another secret preserve. The artifact was moved to Fablehaven by Patton Burgess, the old caretaker of Fablehaven. At the end of the second book they put Vanessa (a traitor) in the Quiet Box. They took out a person who was disguised. But as he was being driven away, someone let him out and he went to get a powerful talisman and gave it to Kurisock, a demon. This is what made the black plague that is turning light creatures to dark. Who will die as they try to save Fablehaven?

The Impatient Turtle By Janette Oke


This book is about a turtle named Pogo who wants who to have fun. This is the fifth book of nine books all about good animal stories. This is a small and its 15 chapters long and 110 pages. The characters are Pogo the main one and Woodie, Flap, Tubsy, and Snapper. I had enjoyed all of Janette Okes books because of the cute little stories and I think you would to.

There’s just one problem. He is a turtle and they are slow. When there’s a good day for swimming Pogo goes to the swimming hole and watches the two boys play in it. When they leave Pogo get his friends Woodie, Flap, Tubsy, and Snapper to play. First Pogo goes flying down the mud slide but he has to go on his back and he hates going on his back. Then he goes for the rope swing. So he told Woodie and Flip to hold the rope while Pogo goes to get speed but cant. Pogo wishes he could be a boy to have fun. But at the end Pogo finds that being a turtle is not that bad and thinks it is special.

Fablehaven Rise of the Evening Star By Brandon Mull

download (3)

This is a book is about the Society of the Evening Star (the people who want to take over the preserves) trying to take over Fablehaven while Seth is being attacked by Ollock the gluten, a frog demon. The characters are Seth, Kendra, and their grandma and grandpa, Coulter, Tanu, and Vanessa (a narcoblix, a person who bites people then controls them when they sleep). There are 21 chapters and 427 pages. This is the second book of five in this series of Fablehaven. I will keep reading this series and you should too.

In the beginning there is a new kid who is a kobold but no one can see his magical form but Kendra. So after school a day or two days later they meet a guy named Errol who claims he is a kobold exterminator. But he is a person working for the Evening Star. Seth and Kendra have to play with Hugo, a golem, and they tell him to throw Seth in the pool and he did it but they were 30 yards away from the pool. In the middle of the book Seth gets eaten by Ollock but he is in a cocoon that Coulter gave him. Seth also trades batteries for gold to the satyrs (Newel and Doran) so they can watch TV on their portable television. At the end of the book Vanessa, who they learn is also working for the Evening Star, takes over the home and tries to get the artifact. But after Seth finds Kendra they team up and get the artifact key with the help of Coulter’s invisibility glove. They go get the artifact and win the preserve back. Read this book to learn more.


This book is the third book of the Monster Moon series. It is 350 pages long but it is worth the time to read. The characters are AJ, Jasmyn, Emily, Mike, Aunt Zsofia, and a talking pirate rat named Vlad my favorite. This book takes plays in Craggy Cove.

This book is about four kids who go on a journey to find a secret treasure that AJ’s uncle Bela hid but there are professional treasurer hunters trying to find the same treasurer. They also have to help Vlad get rid of the krakens (a kraken is like a big octopus) out of the town’s sewer pipes before they eat all his family. But the treasure hunters beat them and all the friends get stuck in a cave while they dig up the treasure. When the hunters are done getting the treasure they run to their big yacht and a big kraken come and snaps the boat in half like a twig. Then the big kraken finds the kids in their boat and the engine stops working. If you want to find out what happens you should read about it.

Cinnamon Rolls Are a Great Breakfast

This was this weeks. I had to describe a food.

Cinnamon Rolls Are a Great Breakfast

Cinnamon rolls are my favorite breakfast. The smell of cinnamon in the house always reminds me of Sunday mornings. Creamy but crunchy, the warm buns are rolled up like a snail. On the outside they are golden brown but the inside is white as snow. Creamy, sugary frosting covers the golden dish. I will eat them anywhere and anytime.

I got an A!


This time I had to describe someone from a circus.


Everyone started laughing when the clown cracked jokes. He was wearing large polka dotted pantaloons and tee shirt. Colorful and poofy, the clown’s hair was yellow, orange, red and purple with a hat sitting on it. After every joke the clown stuck his hands out, one above his head and the other straight out and laughed like a dork. Makeup covered his face and created a huge smile. A red ball stood on his nose. We could not stop laughing and everyone enjoyed it.

I got 49/50

My Dad

My third assignment was to describe a person.

My Dad

Hot and sweaty, my dad is determined to get his work done. Sitting on the deck squinting from the sun, in his two hands he holds his phone. He wears a blue San Francisco tee shirt and baby barf green shorts and has bare feet. His shirt is made of a light cotton and he has short black hair. Still glued to his computer, he takes a drink of iced tea. My dad works so hard he deserves a good break.

I got an A!

My Bunny Domino

My 2nd assignment. I had to describe a pet.

My Bunny Domino

I keep my pet in a cage in the backyard. He is charcoal black and a little snow white. He is small and fluffy and loves to dig. My bunny makes no sound or noises but sometimes he sneezes. It is enjoyable to see him run as fast as he can and jump really high. I love my bunny. He was my favorite pet before our kitten.

I got another 46/50.


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